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They got married a month before she gave birth.

The accessibility so many relished in Zalman came, in large part, from an innate ability to blend the ancient with the modern-day, and mine relevance from the most abstruse aspects of religious philosophy.

Nigerians want a healthy contest.

With its gold-rush pedigree and rock'n'roll resonance, Levi's exudes the sort of authenticity that most brands crave.

Al-Ajami’s crime appeared to be a poem that he wrote, as well as his earlier recitation of poems that included passages disparaging senior members of Qatar’s ruling family.

“I don’t want to burn in Hell in the Hereafter.

Islam must be accepted and practiced in its entirety; it is not an 'alter-to-suit-yourself" religion.

If David Weinreb needs me, I'm available.


The Shops at North Bridge, owned by Santa Monica, Calif.

Are we somehow immune? Dismissive of any religious beliefs and scoffing at these claims, Sarchie finds himself pairing up with a priest Mendoza (Ramirez) as they dig deeper into the case of three former Iraqi veterans and a series of inscriptions that appear to be at every crime scene.

Our Muslim guide in Sarajevo made the argument that the civil wars were not about religion as much as land and power.


I never missed spending a payday out shopping and would put expensive suits on lay-away.

So Carnegie, if he had a company and the CEO wasn't doing well, it would take two days, you would get rid of him.

Though they’re really different people, I think the truth is if they had a conversation they would have respect for each other and been interested in each other’s ideas.

Saudi concern about Qatari policies went beyond the Gulf state’s support for the Brotherhood and its alignment with brewing discontent across the Middle East and North Africa.


According to the Returning Officer for the 2014 governorship elections and Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti, Professor Isaac Azuzu, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Mr.

“I just really wanted to get people talking about it and shed light on a subject like this.